Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life is for the Living - The True Steps of Freedom

Summary Of Their New Booklet:

Life is for the Living
The True Steps of Freedom

By Arthur and Fiona Cristian
The Love For Life Campaign

You have a dream; your heart yearns to create a beautiful home in a beautiful garden with someone you love. You meet your partner, someone who shares your intent. Together you find the land and together you begin to create your space of love, a garden full of trees, flowers and fresh, living food and a home built with care and love. As you work you are conscious of every part of your home and garden, aware of how the trees cast their shade, how the rooms of the house capture views of the garden and where the best spot for the carrots is.

Then you and your partner both have the desire to bring a child into this space of love that you have created together. You consummate your inspiration, co-creating a child to bring into your space of love, expanding the consciousness of that space with the addition of the space of your love that is the child. Later you expand the space still more with another child entering the space of love that is your family and then, as you co-create with like-minded men and women, you form a community space of love that encompasses each family’s space of love. As more and more community spaces of love are created, so the earth becomes a vast space of love with every part of it nurtured and loved.

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