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Announcement: A Calling For The Co-Creation Of A New Ringing Cedars Kindom At Coonabarabran NSW:
Full contact details for Chris and Radha can be found with link provided. They have found 3,800 acres of absolutely stunning land - Check the photos.

by Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
7th January 2009

If I thought I knew it all, I would have stopped researching, thinking and listening to my instincts long ago! Like you, I recognise that there is always more to learn, but one thing I have learnt is that it is very easy to tell the truth from all lies and I spend a lot of time pointing out the lies so that others can learn to see them for what they are. These may give the impression that I am a "know it all", but I just see so many lies to point out! Once we become familiarised with how lies are structured we can them turn away from them to the truth because that's all that's left standing. This is the basis of all my work and, having sifted through the lies, the remedy of "Kindom" is left shining amidst the grime.

As it stands today, since May 2008, no one has been able to prove that what we saying is wrong and back it up with evidence. See all our documents listed here: A List Of The Latest Arthur And Fiona Cristian Articles Posted To The Love For Life Website: In fact we can go back three years and the same standing applies. If we do not argue for our beliefs, opinions and points of view and are willing to follow the logic to the truth, using our brain to think things through to their logical conclusion, without arrogance, ignorance or fear getting in the way, we all end up in Kingdom, the "We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us" Lackeys falling by the wayside as we all turn away from their facts and revelations that suck us in but offer no remedy.

Wherever the truth is where we want to be because the truth will never do harm to MAN, Earth or Nature

Our aim is to provide a set of tools that others can pick up and uniquely use them to discern the truth from the lies so they can save themselves from being pulled down into the chasm of disinformation with all its fascinating distractions that ensure they never find their way to the truth. The deceivers who represent the "We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us" are found in great numbers throughout the New Age movement, UFO and other world/alien research, the freedom-truth movement, channellings from beings from other worlds, galaxies, star systems, cosmic phenomena and consciousness and particularly those who have moved to the other side, and in all areas of science, astronomy, esoterics and occults.

The list of deception embraces almost all knowledge that comes from outside through the eyes and ears, all "intentionally" designed to keep us from finding out WHO WE REALLY ARE.

We can never learn to recognize the truth if we can't recognise the lies!

And if we can't recognize the truth then we will never remember WHO WE REALLY ARE.

If we have formed ourselves in the image of the vast store of knowledge that is lies, then we are liars living a lie, and it is here that all our problems, everything going wrong in every area of life, are found. The corruptions of the truth are causing all the suffering in the world. The truth is perfect and causes no harm - while only lies do all the damage.


Anything that exists/lives without our belief in it is true, engages all our senses of creation (sight, sound, touch, taste, feel, smell/scent) and are not invisible, just as a tree exists regardless if we believe in a tree or not. The tree stands, it has substance. We can see what the tree (substance) does for creation (substance) that aids creation (substance) in rolling along here and now.

Whatever thoughts/ideas/opinions/dreams we have which have only our mis-placed belief in them (meaning we put our energy into them), have nothing of substance on offer. It is only the energy we put into those thoughts/ideas/opinions/dreams that give them the impression that they appear to exist as part of creation. However, when you ask what these apparitions do for creation to aid creation in rolling along, it is impossible to find anything. Without the energy we put into them, they are nothing.

Where would the great world of finance be without everyone rolling up to work in the banks, the stock markets, the insurance companies, etc? Obviously nothing would happen - the digits couldn't move themselves on the computer screens, shares wouldn't go up and down, etc, etc, etc.

Compare this again to the tree; if no one sees the tree, turns up to visit the tree, looks at the tree or knows about its existence, it still grows, produces oxygen and seeds and gives its twigs and leaves to the soil.

All beliefs are, in truth, fantasies, illusions, delusions etc. They do not exist as part of the substance of creation that we (MAN) are part of. This is why they are LIES. That is why the word lie is in the middle of the word belief. The creator (the living God) does not require our belief in the creator for the creator to exist. The creator exists regardless if we believe in the creator or not, and better still, we exist regardless if we believe in the creator or not as well.


The point I am making is that all our beliefs are a waste of our quality time. We do not need beliefs, instead we just need to consciously co-create with the substance of creation that we are part of and, in doing so, expand the information of creation (consciousness - substance) we created which in turn expands our consciousness (substance). What we create (substance) comes bouncing back to us in the image of our creation (substance). The tree creates oxygen and releases it for the benefit of creation. So does the flower co-creating its pollen and nectar, the bee co-creating its stores, the cloud co-creating its rain, the river co-creating its running water and all together everything of creation (substance) releases its creation (substance) for the benefit of creation (substance).
We live because creation lives for us and creation lives because we live for creation

Everything of the truth can be witnessed for the true role it plays in aiding creation in rolling along here and now. Nothing is hidden in living-creation because all is TRUTH.

Only lies hide and need secrets to maintain the lie.


The envelope is addressed to the unconscious because that is what becomes of anyone who believes in lies.

In believing a lie, believers are hopping inside their envelopes to seal themselves within the darkness of their own making, blocking out the glorious radiant light of truth from ever reaching them. In a state of belief they arrogantly work very hard to prevent the light of truth from ever penetrating their envelopes in fear of their lies being uprooted and destroyed by the conscious-living radiant light of truth. They will defend their Roman Catholic Institution, their bible, their laws, their courts, their government, their private corporations, their democracy, their constitution, their money, their society etc, etc against any presumed attacks upon their beliefs. Little do they realize that none of them actually exist as part of creation and in fact are fairy tales.

Compounded by lies upon lies, believers create (live) their lives in the image of the lies they believe in and in doing so are casting an enormous envelope of darkness (destruction to creation) around them, joining everyone else who believes in such lies, burying themselves en masses in a fictionalized world of unconsciousness completely removed from the glorious conscious-living light of truth.

They have forgotten who they really are

The heartfelt language of their soul has been drowned out by the jack-hammering noises of fiction that are man-made bandwidths filling the atmosphere with thousands of screeching frequencies creating a din of temptation that offers no relevance to who they really are and what their life is all about. They have abandoned their intuition, gut-instincts, perceptions, compassion, empathy and conscience which protects them from Harm Doing. They have become astronauts drifting lost in space, their cords to real-life support severed. Like crooks with heads cut off they run aimlessly around the earthly yard causing destruction wherever they venture until they finally drop dead.


MAN'S brain is designed solely (soul) for creation. The brain works just like a film projector. Whatever film is being scanned across the lens is focused on and projected on to the canvas, as we create our lives in the image of our projections. Our projections are our powers of creation. Knowledge invented out of thin air by the "We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us" deceivers provides an enormous resource library of distracting films, like a video shop, inviting the unconscious sheeple to load the videos "on offer" so that they use their powers of creation to create the world of the knowledge of the deceivers in their image. And this is how the sheeple are always unconscious of who they really are. So we have billions of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, New Agers, Atheists, the David Ickes, the Michael Tsarions, etc, all running round offering their films for us to project that we accept as the truth and spend time creating.

The irony is that, not only have the unconscious sheeple forgotten who they really are, but, in creating their world of lies, the deceivers and their lackeys have also forgotten who they really are. This is plainly obvious for all to see when you look at the present state of man in a world of immense suffering and destruction and notice that this suffering and destruction is going on despite all those who claim to be offering the truth. Could it be that what they are really offering is suffering and destruction? Meaning, what they are offering are all lies.

This world of lies is the true practiced craft of freemasonry. Almost anything else you can find out about freemasonry is a smokescreen that can be thrown in the bin.

The living God of creation has already created a perfect film (information) for all of us to focus on and this is the real-living world of creation, full of conscious-living life-forms, inanimate or not, created by the living God. The information contained in this perfect film is the living soul of the living God which is also who we really are as well.


To repeat myself....: Everything of the truth can be witnessed for the true role it plays in aiding creation in rolling along here and now.

We are CREATORS. We can't escape our power of creation

We can't walk away from our creation or walk to our creation. There is no where to hide from our creations because even the hiding is our creation. Whatever we are focusing on here and now is what we are creating. We are either creating harm or we are creating acts of love but most of us are unconscious of this because we have been so brainwashed by all the lies.

Remember, the God of creation is a conscious-living God here and now (substance - consciousness), not a dead god of fiction (no substance - unconsciousness), a creator of destruction.


How would all existing babies/children (substance) feel/live if all their parents all decided to suddenly hide behind curtains, cutting off all contact (no more substance on offer) from them forevermore??? How could we (MAN - substance) exist if the creator (substance) did likewise, decided to also hide behind curtains cutting off all contact with MAN (no more substance on offer) forevermore???

How can there be life (substance) without life (substance)?????

How can there be consciousness without consciousness?????

How can there be information without information??????

How can there be dreams without dreams?????

How can there be a creator without a creator????


You see all lies are secrets, the secret being that all lies bear no substance of creation which we (MAN) are part of. The lie has no substance "on offer" to exchange as an equal exchange in value (substance) with us, thus the dreamer/schemer of such lies needs to trick us, deceive us, mess with our brains in such a way to convince us of his/her CON. That he/she is providing us an equal exchange in value (substance) when in truth they are offering us STUFF ALL.

The original lier/deceiver of all CONS manipulated MAN to fall from consciousness into a state of unconsciousness where all lies and their secrets abide. This can only happen through BELIEF. All beliefs represent UNCONSCIOUSNESS, a state of unconsciousness where all fallen men, women and children are conned into having to believe that God exists, when in truth, the creator already exists regardless of the CON. Meaning we have been trained to believe in the invisible, of that which does not exist, accepting the invisible as being part of truth, part of reality, when in fact they are lies and are not part of reality (creation) which we are all part of.

This mind-control process of believing in God, over time, has gradually trained us to become familiarized (got us used to living) with lies and accept them as truth.


By slight of hand, tricks of the mind, we have accepted/permitted shadows (lies) to merge into the brilliant white light of truth (creation) without detecting them. But even worse, we have stopped using our brain to logically touch, taste, feel, see, hear, smell/scent what we believe in to see if these ideas, thoughts, opinions, dreams bear the substance of creation, will exist (stand) without our belief in them, offer substance as an equal exchange in value (substance) with us, and if so, are true, real and actually part of reality, part of us. If they do not stand up to such scrutiny, they are blatant lies.

Sure the unconscious would say "the Galactic Federation" exists, that "the channel Kryon or Ramtha or Christos" exists, that "Nesara" exists, that "man walked on the moon", that "man got through the Van Allen Belt", that "Mars is occupied by intelligent life-forms like the Annunaki", that "aliens regardless of shape, form, intelligence, nature, intent, or location exist and are making their presence known/felt" through whatever 3rd party has been used to deliver their presence, that "the earth goes around the sun", that "the earth turns/moves", that "the sun (this solar system) goes around another galactic point and as a whole is part of a galaxy that goes around a universal point, which goes around another universal point of infinite universes of infinite points", that "money, insurance, government, democracy, persons, constitution, society, rules-of-law/courts-of-law exist", that "Jesus is coming back", that "vaccination, fluoride, mercury, MSG, aspartame etc is good for you", that "mathematics and sacred geometry exist", etc, etc and being unconscious the unconscious continue believing in everything they were trained to believe in by 3rd parties without ever using their brain and scrutinizing everything to be 100% sure of the truth.


One of the biggest cons perpetrated upon us is that of the necessity of third parties to tell us what to think, feel and believe, which begins when we are children as adult upon adult offers us artificial knowledge (fairy tales) to believe in instead of giving us opportunities to discover the information of creation directly from creation. Thus we need the priest to intercede between us and God, the channeler to intercede between us and Kryon or Ramtha and other Demons and the lawyers, barristers and judges to intercede between us and another party or the banks money and the governments commerce to intercede between us (creation) and our fruits of labour (creation). These third parties are shadows interceding between us and the substance of creation, us and consciousness, severing our direct links, bonds and ties with everything of creation (substance) that we are part of. Our duty is to work out whether we are using our brains and feelings in direct relationship with the information of creation or are we allowing 3rd parties to disempower us with the artificial knowledge they force upon us.

If all of MAN had a direct relationship with creation, what would we need a Bible for? How can the Bible be the living word of God when it does nothing to aid creation in rolling along, required destruction to creation to manufacture it and is written and "interpreted" by third parties? We need air to breathe, food and water to eat and drink, animals to be our helpers and companions, the sun to warm us and the breeze to cool us. Does the Bible provide us with any of these?

I am not trying to pick on the Bible especially, just using it as one example among thousands of a third party interceding between us and creation. Likewise, all those waiting for the messiah to appear and right all our wrongs - is this not just asking for another third party to take responsibility for cleaning up our mess?

Rather than the appearance of the awaited with his magic wand, surely the promised "Golden Age" will begin when we all return to creation, once more becoming conscious MAN, with no more third parties interceding in our affairs.

What could be more powerful, stunning and freeing than this?????


Eventually all lies wear thin; "the earth is flat" being one of thousands of examples deceivers, always acting as 3rd parties, keep offering for the unconscious to gobble up and believe in. As the lies are discovered, the Establishment have to keep inventing more and more to cover up their deception, resulting in a Yellow Brick Road of lies paved with a library of ancient alphabet-language-history that is a multitude of interconnected Free Masonic roads and highways of artificial knowledge (lies) for billions of brainwashed sheeple to journey on as the lost sheeple of the bible, other holy books, theories, philosophies and beliefs following trusted 3rd party shepherds holding high illumined lanterns of artificial knowledge, guiding their lost sheeple across the crevasses and pitfalls of temptation and sin. Looking for creation, they toil and struggle, not realising that they are already in creation if they only step off the road for a moment and look around them.

When will we all stop believing in all this "We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us" bullshit?????

I have explained much in this article here: THE WAY by Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 9th August 2008: about 3rd parties and how they use fairy tales to con us into believing in fairy tales when children so that we will easily accept fairy tales for adults. There are thousands of adult fairy tales which most of us believe in today and there are even new ones coming into focus soon to con us into accepting what the schemers/dreamers are concocting like this one: - European Team Discovers New Alien World - And There Is Peace On Earth Hallelujah, A Comment From Arthur Cristian 28th July 2008:

This act of being conned into accepting shadows/lies within the brilliant light of truth represents the true meaning of the word belief

The only purpose and benefit of being conned into a belief is to have HARM BE DONE TO YOU and in turn for your participation in believing in such lies, for you to turn around and DO HARM to others. The believers are DESTROYED and DESTROYING. The purveyors of such evil-despicable lies can be found amongst judges, magistrates, barristers, lawyers, prosecutors, politicians, bureaucrats, public-servants, banksters, economists, directors, chairmans, representatives of big and small business, academics, educators, historians, professors, artists, priests, theologians, popes, monks, dalai-lamas, new agers, personal-success-motivators, channellers, psychics/mediums, cosmic-galactic story-tellers, scientists, researchers, journalists, authors, engineers and all other leading experts/influences in all other fields of endeavor.

Who else could be orchestrating the destruction of everything that matters and who else if not them are acting as the 3rd parties offering their artificial knowledge for the stupid-dumbed-down sheeple to believe in, thus willingly being the orchestra of destroyers destroying creation under the guidance of their conductors?

And where do you think most, if not all all of these conductors come out of???????

Universities, Institutions, Think-Tanks and Societies both secret or not.


Unbeknown to most conductors there lives another master-conductor conducting the orchestra of conductors, each playing an instrument of destruction producing a soulless melody which merges with all other soulless melodies producing an extravaganza called The New World Order. Thus many of the conductors have no idea of the part they are playing in the destruction of creation and neither do the audience sitting nodding their heads to the music and failing to stand up and shake our fists at the havoc being wrought, so accustomed are we to hearing the screech of destruction rather than the melodies of creation.

While we all like to point the finger of blame at other people, we, as members of the audience are also responsible through our acceptance of the rubbish we are thrown. As we sit passively in front of the TV, listening to the politicians running our lives, as we absorb, focus on and promote what we are told, we are destroying creation and feeding the fiction. The remedy is obviously not to accept it any longer, not to put our energy into it any more and go back to focusing on and creating creation (KINDOM). When we no longer focus on fiction there will be nothing keeping it going. Yahoo!

While in a state of belief we have become unconscious of consciousness, meaning we are in the midst of the shadows we believe in and create in our image, our focus (our belief). This means we block out our ability to touch, taste, feel, see, hear, smell/scent the light (TRUTH). Our beliefs have our brain act like closed venetian blinds that block out the glorious rays of sunlight from entering into our lives (our body - our space of love), leaving us to wonder in the darkness of lies produced by a brain no longer in use and no longer exercising truth.

And this CON goes with every thought, idea, opinion and dream we believe in which does not bear the substance of creation, consciousness, truth or reality, being located outside the senses of our creation (sight, sound, touch, taste, feel, smell/scent) in what we call the invisible, the thin-air where all lies and their secrets abide, giving them no substance (truth - consciousness) to offer MAN and creation.


All dreams co-created with/from the substance of creation bear the information (substance) of that creation (substance), and have consciousness (spirit-soul-substance) embodied in that dream of creation. We can engage with creation with all our senses of creation, sight, sound, touch, taste, feel, smell/scent because we (substance) are part of that creation (substance) as well, therefore we (MAN) can experience the truth and can easily point out a lie because it does not bear the substance of creation that we are part of.

A MAN inside a glass coffin was weighed before he/she was about to shift (awful word die). After the shift occurred the body weight instantly dropped somewhere around 21 grams (can't remember all the exact details of this scientific experiment) while being completely sealed inside this glass coffin where nothing could escape as in air, gas etc.

You see, our brainwashing in the fiction (con-structs bearing no substance) has us, of our own doing, too distracted to be fully conscious of the real-living substance of consciousness that we really are. Those few amongst us (MAN) today who are fully awakened (conscious of consciousness) can see, hear, feel, touch, taste, smell/scent consciousness (spirit-soul-substance) as well as the physical images formed out of the substance (spirit-soul-consciousness) of that dream (substance).

Both the living God (substance) and the living dream (substance) created by the living God bears the substance (consciousness/information) of the living God.


All conscious-living dreams have a conscious-living creator. Dreams cannot exist without a creator and it is here where the trap is set to fool us (MAN) into believing in dreams that actually have no substance (spirit-soul-consciousness) embodied in their creation. When we create dreams to benefit creation we are filling these spaces of love with our consciousness (spirit-soul-information-substance) which are our acts of love. These dreams can be touched, tasted, felt, seen, herd, smelt/scented by the conscious but the unconscious are just that, completely oblivious and numb to the real world, lost in fiction-fantasy land, destroying everything consciously-living to build and maintain the dead-false-idol-images which they believe in and worship, dreams without substance because they were not created as acts of love to benefit creation in the first instance. Their beliefs have them be self-centered because they were created to benefit themselves rather than creation. This is the source of all greed and selfishness.

And lastly I have cut and pasted what I wrote in a previous email 29th December 2008....................................


If we do harm then we are damaging our creation of MAN, and the greater the harm we cause and support on a continuing basis the further we destroy the creation of the MAN we are creating. With no limits to love we have the power of creation to disconnect our creation of MAN from the power of love until we have completely destroyed our creation of MAN. We are now no longer of love, no longer able to access the power of love of the creator to create MAN, because we no longer exist.

Without love (the power of creation) and without the tool of creation (MAN) to create love (the substance of MAN) its all over.

Our acts of love are threads of conscious-living DNA entwining with other threads of conscious-living DNA forming the fabric (substance) of creation (MAN) that is a wave of conscious-living team-players rolling along here and now without beginning or end. Without our ability to set-free our acts of love we are unable to thread our lives into the fabric of creation, becoming separated from creation just as a loose thread detaches from fraying fabric only to be discarded and thrown into the recycling bin.

Our acts of love are the heartbeats of creation with each pulse pumping consciousness (information) into the living body of creation (MAN). As we cease performing acts of love, we cease to create our pulse that is the pulse of creation until, no pulse left, the nurse pulls the sheet over our faces and turns off the life support and the lights.

Our acts of love are the heartbeats, the substance we create for our creation of MAN


When we do harm or support the doing of harm we have stopped creating MAN and without our substance of MAN we are no longer part of creation. Of our own doing, conscious or not, the dimmer switch of our brain was trained to dim down the power of creation to the MAN we are creating. The brilliant glorious light of MAN created in the perfect image of the living God was dimmed down and down and down through the grey scales of harm-doing and we continued dimming down and down and down through jet-black scales of harm-doing, inevitably creating a void of nothingness, which is an energised dead space without love called darkness. All dead spaces without love are demons, entities, thought-forms, ghosts, apparitions etc. They are all without MANS substance (consciousness - love).

When each of us steps back to look at all the facets of harm-doing we create and support in our daily-lives we can see why billions and billions and billions destroyed their creation of MAN over the past 10,000 years. The perfect dream of creation is without darkness because all is love. Everything of creation is pure and sincere (uncorrupted). Then began MANS turning away from love to indulge in fiction in all its forms. MAN started creating a dark-side out-of-thin-air which is the repository of the impure and insincere emotions, thoughts, words and deeds of every destroyed creation of MAN. The power of the dark-side grew as more and more demons were being created by harm-doing men, women and children.

Today, billions of men, women and children are possessed and influenced by these demons and in turn are creating them as well. Without MANS pure and sincere loving feelings, thoughts, words and deeds creating a space of love, a space without love is being created by the insincere and impure harm-doing emotions, thoughts, words and deeds by every man, woman and child who creates them.


In altering the original pure and sincere loving images of creation by creating lies and believing in lies we are destroying the creation of the MAN we are. Every impure and insincere harm-doing emotion, thought, word or deed we create are lies. They are the corruptions to the perfection of the creation of the MAN we are creating. The lies are feeding the dark-side, giving the dark-side the energy to break through our auras and integrate into our personalities, characters and bodies. If we die destroyed, we join them as well.

We were never meant to do harm but it is the doing of harm we create and support on a daily basis with our energy, that is the end of most of us, unless we return to creation by creating Kingdoms where only pure and sincere loving feelings, thoughts, words and deeds reside. You can see why the Rapture I wrote about recently is going to explode all over the Earth very soon because most of us do not want to be destroyed. We want to continue living, to be part of creation.

["The Crown" THE KINGDOM OF THE ESTABLISHMENT (Admiralty Law): - 27th December 2008]

The heartfelt information is not claimed by us either because we have to read it over and over and over again as well so that we can learn from truth and act (respond) accordingly. Following truth can be for some a most painful process because it demands the letting go of fiction in all its forms and with it goes all the security we have been accustomed to which keeps us sedated and bound to the beast of hell.

The breaking of the husk to reveal the seed of man's true nature is one of releasing all the garbage like peeling an onion, peeling away layer upon layer of mind-control bullshit which brings up all the fears "what about insurance, who will protect us if we let go of our limited liabilities", "what about our security if we turn over everything we own to a community (Kindom), what happens to us if we are being tricked and ripped off, exposing us to losing everything we have worked so very hard to own, who will take care of us then if we lose all our security" etc, etc, etc, etc.

Determined to follow truth, to go wherever truth takes us without wasting anytime on arguing for whatever we believe and have faith in, just for the sake of owning them, which is the true cause of all arrogance, ignorance and fear (what I call the axis of evil ways which cause chaos), forces us to face the most loneliest of walks across the bottomless abyss of hell where the beast of fiction resides. A most ferocious uncompromising beast ready and willing to take any of us who falls for the doom and gloom arising out of each and every feeling, thought, word and deed we claim ownership over.

With no one there to hold our hands, no firm ground providing security with each step we take across the bottomless abyss, with just the love of the creator who inspires us to walk away from the beast of hell, with the determination to serve others for the rest of our lives as conscious-living MAN, only then such a new dawning of KINDOM will arise and all the creatures of creation will sing and rejoice the returning of MAN who provides them with their true purpose for creation as team-players co-creating creation with MAN.

This Is The True Rapture Every Christian Is Waiting For - This Is The Heartfelt Inspired Work Of The Living God Inspiring Arthur To Keep Doing What He Does Day After Day Without Respite.

We all have to sacrifice everything we hold on to if we really are committed/determined to re-create Kindom on Earth, returning back to the love of the creator and placing love in its rightful place as king of all. Our acts of love for creation become the wings that carry all of us across the nightmares of fiction (lies) back to Kindom (Creation).


In the body of work Fiona and I have created thus far: will be found mountains of information on the various forms of harm-doing. You will be amazed how many ways there are, some you never thought about or thought possible. All the ghosts/demons/apparitions are the shadows of MANS former glory. All the psychics and clairvoyants contacting the dead is true, it is the dead of the dark-side they are communicating with. The suggestions of the dark-side cause millions and millions of terrible decisions or misguided ideas to be made or believed in on a daily basis. Cooking food, processed water, chemicals, vaccinations, focusing on fictions, destroying nature, believing in fairytales, all contribute to the energy and pull of the dark-side.


Then you think of how much work a judge or barrister or lawyer or politician or bankster must put in to heal all the damage done to those they harmed with their lies. Many of them will never make it which has always been the case for most of them. Then there is the axis of evil ways as in arrogance, ignorance and fear which block the way of returning many of us to living a pure and sincere way of life. Many metres of paper will be required to detail all the harm-doing ways.

It is the creation of consciousness that matters and consciousness can only be created by our acts of pure and sincere loving feelings, thoughts, words and deeds which do no harm to creation.

Without love we are nothing, lost to man-made evil ways

It is our acts of love we create and set free to benefit creation that creates the MAN Christians call "The Christ"

This is who we become which is the perfect image of the living God which Christians call "The Son Of God"
Adding Cream To The Cake Presently Destroying The Establishment
25th December 2008:

There are two worlds/two paths to choose from, one is alive and true and the other is dead and false. The false path leads to destruction to creation while the other path does not. Remember, MAN is part of creation, is creation. The false path needs to destroy creation to form its dead physical/material forms as its images/ideas do not exist as part of creation, instead they reside in fiction-fantasyland often referred to as "out-of-thin-air" where there is no substance (love) of creation. Now the factual evidence of the wrong path is apparent, we have all arrived together into a state of global chaos where almost everything of creation is being destroyed or is dying. There isn't much left that lives in its pristine original form as created perfectly by the creator.

When we choose the wrong path, we are carrying hand grenades with their pins pulled out, each explosion causing more chaos and destruction to creation. When we choose the right path, the hand grenades become flowers that invite the bees to taste their pollen and the birds come to sit on our shoulders.

The living world of creation has value, substance we can feel, see, hear, taste, touch and smell and use to co-create with one another. The dead world of copy-right, banking, interest rates, money-fiat-debt-credit, commerce, private corporations/government over MAN, Admiralty Law, New Age, Religions, UFO's, Aliens, Cosmic Galactic Communications and Channellings etc has nothing to offer of any true value that we can work with. Why do we even want to keep it? How much more of creation should we destroy (mountains, hills, valleys, trees, rivers, ocean, sky, creatures etc) to keep propping up these false idols?

One path has us remember who we really are while the other path keeps us in the dark.


Those who remain on the wrong path are destroying their creation and are destroyed forevermore.

The evidence of their true destruction to creation has commenced.

Those who heed the calling will know where they need to be while the rest fulfill their creation of Earth's Fever.

Just as our bodies have a fever to expunge all the harm we have caused, so will the Earth have a fever, shaking, wobbling, sweating, vomiting, massive bowl movements, diarrhoea etc.

As of 2009 until all man-made destruction is behind-us and unless many of us get on the right path quickly we will soon witness series after series of up to 4000 foot tidal waves rolling up to 400 miles inland in many locations, 300+ mph winds, storms, cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes coming and going for weeks on end, earthquakes appearing all over the globe, many in unexpected places going deep down to the magna, the Earth will move causing lands to sink while new ones rise, many volcanoes will explode causing dust and debris to block out the sun for up to 6 months in some locations. This earth fever is beyond anything the misguided true Freemasonic Cabal has planned for. All their underground and above ground bases are being destroyed and none of them will make it.

We have almost no time left to turn all this around and stop this fever from escalating.

After roughly 10,000 years with two Earth Fevers already behind us and a third, the biggest of them all on its way, the evil fairytale has finally ended and its creator has already abdicated. Those who heed the calling of Kindom will enjoy the golden fruits of their labour of love while the rest will never know what hit them because there will be nothing left of them to know.
The End

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The extensive research library now contains over 5000 documents, articles and videos on a wide range of subjects that cover the many ways we are doing harm and the many ways we can stop doing harm. See:


The remedy to all our problems can only ever be found where MAN was before MAN fell from creation.

No remedy to resolve MANS woes can ever be found during MANS state of falling.

These heartfelt insights are the foundations of creating MANS Kindom. They clearly show how MAN can simply step out of the fiction back to creation. During our journey of rediscovery we learnt to never let arrogance, ignorance or fear get in the way because this axis of evil ways will always take us away from truth. As we are determined to be where truth is we willingly let go of everything that holds us back from being with truth.

Welcome To KINDOM
A Do No Harm Community Of Conscious Creators
Truly Free - No Beliefs - No Ownership
No Ones Sheep Nor Shepherd

Our Living Dream

As for land, we have finally created our dream (see: The Ten Steps (Not Commandments) Of Kindom by Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life 23rd October 2008: ) and are now networking with others to find those who have a similar dream and in doing so, together, co-create the Kindom (includes finding the land) in the Southern Highlands. We have people come and stay with us from time to time and there are many others keen on creating Kindom who live in Sydney, in the Southern Highlands, around Australia and from many other parts of earth. If you are interested in our work including the creation of a Do No Harm Kindom (Community) in the Southern Highlands outside Sydney Australia, living/raw food diet, permaculture/no dig gardening, building eco-sustainable homes, etc, please visit the Love For Life Website: or contact us.

Creation Of Kindom

1. What is the problem this project or idea would aim to solve?

This project will reduce people's reliance on the state, allowing them to become self sufficient and no longer needing financial support. This project will also improve peoples health, both physical and mental, as well as repairing much of the environmental damage on the earth.

2. What is the idea / opportunity to solve it?

Creating Kindoms (Do No Harm Communities), where we work together to build our homes, create gardens and community schools. We will grow all our own food and become self sufficient. All homes and community buildings will be sustainable and built without harming the earth. As we eat organically grown, freshly picked live food, our health and physical well-being will improve dramatically. In addition there will be a healing centre where people can come for free to be healed of diseases and receive information to keep them healthy. We will also provide information for people to learn to distinguish between the work of the harmful forces in the world and the loving, do no harm information provided by creation for us to lead healthy, happy lives. See articles listed below for more on this topic.

3. How will this idea positively impact the lives of poor or vulnerable people?

Once the first Kindom is up and running, the inspiration will spread and such communities will blossom in many places. In cities and towns, suburbs can work together to make their places "greener", reclaiming land to grow food and plant trees. As others leave the cities for the land, some buildings can be demolished to make more green spaces. The poor and vulnerable can learn how to feed themselves, improve their health and let go of harmful habits through their contact with nature and the satisfaction of being able to care for themselves and their families. By example, we demonstrate self-sufficiency and independence from the systems that presently enslave us so that others can do the same until the systems no longer have anyone supporting them. We are in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, 1.5 hours south-west of Sydney, and have many others interested in Kindom.

4. Why now?

Because the current economic climate is making it harder and harder for people to exist. In view of the collapse of the US economy, followed by the rest of the world, sustainability and the ability to feed ourselves is vital. The earth has been polluted to the extent that it is dying and we all need to take full responsibility for this and start the clean up job. Many people are looking to community living as a way to reduce isolation and gain the strength that is to be had from being part of a united community.

5. What is the measurable impact that could be expected in 3-5 years?

In 3-5 years there will be Kindoms (Do No Harm Communities) in many parts of the world, all intent on caring for one another and restoring the earth to a pristine state. The impact on the world will be huge. Governments will no longer exist or have been reduced in size because they will not have to fork out money to keep people fed and sheltered, and the need for health care will be drastically reduced, if not made redundant. The monetary system as we know it today will no longer be.

As Part Of The Remedy On Offer For Creation Of Kindom In The Love For Life Website......

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Learning And Becoming A True Living (RAW) Food Eater Here:

Videos: Enjoy Watching 9 Short Excerpts From The Films About The Russian Eco-village - Kin Domain Called Rodnoe

Video: 300 Year Old Food Forest in Vietnam, A Families 28 Generation Old Food Forest That Provides Everything They Need All-Year-Round

Path To Freedom - One Step At A Time ... Living A Revolution - Organic Urban Homesteaders Pioneering A Journey Of Sustainability - How One Urban Family Produces Over 3 Tons Of Food Per Year From 1/10 Of An Acre, That Being A Suburban Backyard In Pasadena California: - See Also This Video: Get Fresh With Sara Snow - How A Family Grows Over 6000 Pounds Of Organic Food Per Year From Their Suburban Backyard: and Video: HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION Radical Change Taking Root This Family Grows 3 Tons Of Food Per Year From Their Suburban Backyard:

Videos: Greening The Desert + Other Videos - We Can Grow Gardens Everywhere And They Will Solve All Our Problems

Videos: Permaculture Science - A You-Tube Channel Specialising In Permaculture Gardens And Food Forests

Survival Report You-Tube Channel Watch A Wide Range Of Instruction Videos On How To Survive The Coming Global Warming/Peak Oil..

THE EARTH - Online Monthly Newspaper of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" movement - Includes All Back-Issues Since 16th March 2006


The True Cure For Cancer (Fungus) Has Been Discovered Dr Simoncini Sodium Bicarbonate Treatment - Natures Way To Dissolve Cancer:

MMS The Most Effective Pathogen Killer Known To Man - MINERAL SUPPLEMENT - Miracle or just plain science?:

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We earn no money doing this work (Arthur has put in up to 16 hours per day almost every day for the past 2 years or so) because we are unwilling to charge for the acts of love we create for the benefit of others. We subsist on the fictional $1200.00 per fortnight Fiona receives from her Strawman Government account (bond) disguised as Centerlink Parenting Payments. Without the acts of love (financial support) we receive from those who feel they have received a true benefit from our work and who feel inspired to provide an equal exchange in value with us we would not be able to continue creating this work. This support is as important as our next breath of air.

As we have chosen not to work in the fiction for the past two years in order to have the time needed to work everything out, we have been very hard up financially. Its been incredibly challenging to care for 4 kids and ourselves.

The establishment's system is not about supporting freedom or those who seek it, particularly those determined to show the way to freedom for all. We are determined to stay on this path and we welcome support of any kind, whether it be financial, material, help to publish the booklet, land to set up the first Do No Harm community in Australia, or whatever help anyone has to offer. The establishment is determined to see us wilt away, too weak to continue on this path of getting rid of them. This doesn't live for us.

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The one true law is that which leads to freedom. There can be no other.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach

Welcome To KINDOM
A Do No Harm Community Of Conscious Creators
Truly Free - No Beliefs - No Ownership
No Ones Sheep Nor Shepherd

Conscious Love Always
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