Friday, February 18, 2011

Royal Liquid Manna has a foil covering

Dave explains the latest news on Liquid Manna: "Della Hale, in our Phoenix office, has posed some interesting questions regarding Liquid Manna to me to address in the Newsletter and I will to do so now. There has been lots of discussion about the dynamics of wrapping one or the other of the Liquid Manna bottles in tin foil. At first we wrapped the bottles of Royal and now we are wrapping the Regular bottles in the foil. At the heart of this issue is the fact that the oxygen in the Royal Liquid Manna is so intense that it just wants to "travel" as Fred says.

At some point, it occurred to me that it was the Regular Liquid Manna that needed "protection." By that I mean that Fred very carefully engineered the oxygen content of the Regular Liquid Oxygen so that it is balanced and optimized for use in our drinking water at the rate of one tablespoon per gallon of water. If you allow a bottle of Regular to sit next to a bottle of Royal, the balance will be disturbed and will be less than optimal.

Fred has been adamant about "protecting" the Regular from the Royal and we have meticulously honored that emphasis from Fred. We will do our part up until the point where you receive your Liquid Manna and after that you are free to follow your intuition or inner guidance regarding how you store or use the two products. Please understand that Fred is clear that it is a matter of balance and that the exposed Regular will not be harmful to you.

Hopefully, I have clarified that issue and now I would like to add that I cannot think of a single product or substance that would be harmed or diminished in any way by exposure to high levels of oxygen. Many people are reporting that various supplements and other health products are enhanced by putting them next to a bottle of Royal or by adding a bit of the Royal to the product. Experiment with this and let us know what your findings are.

In this connection, Fred mentions that in regard to oxygen in the Royal traveling to other things, it is somewhat of a function of what he calls "residence" time or, in other words, it takes a while for oxygen to build up in the other material, whatever it might be. Additionally, there is a limit to how much oxygen can be transferred in this way. In my opinion, though, however much oxygen can be conveyed in this manner is beneficial.

Della posed a question about how Liquid Manna might best be used for open sores, burns, shingles or rashes. It is our opinion that one of the most effective ways to use Liquid Manna, preferably the Royal, would be to cover the area with gauze and spray it with the full strength Royal. In the case of an open wound or a burn, the gauze would probably have to be replaced every few hours because the healing could be so rapid that the flesh would grow into the gauze. For the other sort of conditions mentioned, you might try soaking the gauze with Liquid Manna and then wrap the area in Saran type wrap to hold the Liquid Manna on the site for as long as possible.

Della also posed a question about how to best give Liquid Manna to pets and animals in general. For smaller pets, like cats or dogs, you can simply mix the Regular at the rate of one tablespoon per gallon and provide that water to your pets. In the case of larger animals, it would probably be a better plan to leave a bottle of the Royal floating in their water supply all of the time. The concept of residence time would apply here in the sense that the longer the Royal is in the water, the higher the level of oxygen that will be available for the animals. However, even as little time as 30 minutes will convey a substantial amount of oxygen into the water, like when you are using the Royal in your bath water. A similar question arises regarding watering of plants. In my opinion, using Regular Liquid Manna diluted at the rate of one tablespoon per gallon would be appropriate for plants.

I want to emphasize that even the Regular Liquid Manna has an outrageous amount of oxygen . . . 550,000,000 units of oxygen on Fred's proprietary measuring scale, and the Royal is at least 10 times that amount. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing else available to us that even approaches these levels of oxygen. Because the Royal is so potent, it is easy for us to imagine that the Regular is a much lesser product and that is simply not the case. Do not underestimate the power of the Regular Liquid Manna.

Wow! I am just getting started on Della's list of questions, so I will have to continue next week. Please let me know if you are finding these insights to be helpful. I must close for tonight and say how much we appreciate your participation in Global Light Network. Thank you.



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