Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Love for Life Always Includes Freedom!

I was inspired by the "Love for Life" family in Australia:

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Love for Life's Mission Statement:

Love For Life

We all want freedom but we have introduced selfishness to our notions of freedom; we interpret freedom as financial freedom, personal freedom, freedom to choose who to love, and the freedom to choose how to harm ourselves, others and the earth. We have forgotten that the way to freedom for ourselves lies in the creation of freedom for everybody. The way to freedom lies in the constant acts of love that we create daily.

Our acts of love are creation and we cannot own them, just as we cannot own others or the earth. When we lovingly thread our lives into the fabric of the wave of creation, that wave keeps rolling along, sustaining and nourishing those riding it.

If we choose to pull our thread out of the fabric of the wave of creation and sit on the shore, separated from love, to watch the wave roll past, we are no longer part of creation and become part of the chaos of greed, selfishness, power, control and violence that is our world today. As more and more people separate their threads, the wave of creation of acts of love flattens out to become a trickle, unable to make an impact on chaos.

Wherever there is harm being done, there are no acts of love being created, and while there are no acts of love in your life, you will not find acts of love when you die. You will remain entwined in the mesh of chaos that you have created throughout your life. While we choose to remain separated from love, we are choosing to support the harm being created by our laws, our politics, our businesses, our education, our poisons and chemicals, our pollution, our viruses, our buildings, our cars, our jobs, our beliefs, our religions and our recreation.

Instead of ‘fighting’ for freedom, we need to create acts of love. When we take care of love, love takes care of freedom, peace, abundance, health, happiness, relationships, family and community. We do not need to go within; when we breathe out through our acts of love, we can breathe in the acts of love of others around us.

Is our world full of acts of love?

Is the wave of creation rolling along over our planet creating freedom for everyone or has it slowed to a trickle as most of us struggle for survival, with our struggles benefiting only a few fat cats at the top?

When are you going to make your life an act of love, so we can all create freedom for all?

Love For Life is for the constant creation of acts of love that create freedom for everyone and for our earth forever.

and one of their latest posts!

And The Well Armed Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

by Raymond Karczewski, Email Correspondence With Arthur Cristian & Others PART 1

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Political freedom is the absence of interference with the sovereignty of an individual by the use of coercion or aggression. The members of a free society would have full dominion over their public and private lives. The opposite of a free society would be a totalitarian state, which highly restricts political freedom in order to regulate almost every aspect of behavior. In this sense ‘freedom’ refers solely to the relation of men to other men, and the only infringement on it is coercion by men.

Ringing Cedar Books -- Anastasia on freedom:

The Ringing Cedars Series

You must read Anastasia!

"Basically, these books make all the books that I've read to date look like a complete waste of paper! ... I think that going through life without this knowledge is a waste of time, and not passing it on to children is a crime. I can say with confidence that nothing like these books exists in the world today."

-- Rafal F., Australia (from an unsolicited letter to NEXUS magazine Feb - March 2006)

"After reading this series I have recommended that [my daughters] give away all their other reading materials."

-- John, Melbourne, Australia

"There has been a very significant change taking place within me since reading the Series. It has been a casting off of the selfish elements within me and walking into a vast chasm of blessings. What is possible I do not yet know, only that an awareness and a consciousness is possible in this life. My life is hopeful now."

-- Allan, Wisconsin, USA

In 1994 a Siberian elder told the entrepreneur Vladimir Megre a fascinating story about the "ringing cedars" - trees respected from Biblical times for their curative powers and the capacity to re-connect human beings with the Divine. The elder told him where such a ringing cedar was growing in the Siberian backwoods. Vladimir Megre set out on an expedition to find the tree. But his encounter with the elder's granddaughter Anastasia transformed him so deeply that he abandoned his commercial plans and, penniless, went to Moscow to write a book about the spiritual insights she shared with him. What happened next thrilled and inspired millions!

With no advertisement other than word of mouth the Ringing Cedars Series has become an international bestseller. Having sold over 10 million copies in Russian alone and translated into 20 languages, it has made Vladimir Megre into one of Russia's most widely read authors.

Keep tuned for more "Love for Life" and your connection to inner peace....


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