Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Love for Life Mission Satement -

We support the Love for life (Arthur and Fiona Cristian) -- and their news releases on conditions of the world, alternate health, how banks create money out of thin air, etc...

Love For Life

We all want freedom but we have introduced selfishness to our notions of freedom; we interpret freedom as financial freedom, personal freedom, freedom to choose who to love, and the freedom to choose how to harm ourselves, others and the earth. We have forgotten that the way to freedom for ourselves lies in the creation of freedom for everybody. The way to freedom lies in the constant acts of love that we create daily.

Our acts of love are creation and we cannot own them, just as we cannot own others or the earth. When we lovingly thread our lives into the fabric of the wave of creation, that wave keeps rolling along, sustaining and nourishing those riding it.

If we choose to pull our thread out of the fabric of the wave of creation and sit on the shore, separated from love, to watch the wave roll past, we are no longer part of creation and become part of the chaos of greed, selfishness, power, control and violence that is our world today. As more and more people separate their threads, the wave of creation of acts of love flattens out to become a trickle, unable to make an impact on chaos.

Wherever there is harm being done, there are no acts of love being created, and while there are no acts of love in your life, you will not find acts of love when you die. You will remain entwined in the mesh of chaos that you have created throughout your life. While we choose to remain separated from love, we are choosing to support the harm being created by our laws, our politics, our businesses, our education, our poisons and chemicals, our pollution, our viruses, our buildings, our cars, our jobs, our beliefs, our religions and our recreation.

Instead of ‘fighting’ for freedom, we need to create acts of love. When we take care of love, love takes care of freedom, peace, abundance, health, happiness, relationships, family and community. We do not need to go within; when we breathe out through our acts of love, we can breathe in the acts of love of others around us.

Is our world full of acts of love?

Is the wave of creation rolling along over our planet creating freedom for everyone or has it slowed to a trickle as most of us struggle for survival, with our struggles benefiting only a few fat cats at the top?

When are you going to make your life an act of love, so we can all create freedom for all?

Love For Life is for the constant creation of acts of love that create freedom for everyone and for our earth forever.


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