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Admiralty Law vs Common Law


Its best to read (study) this document from the bottom up but its ok to read it from top to bottom

Also, please view all the latest updates and comments posted here: Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office Part Two - Today, A Standoff Between Us & 4 Sheriff Officers & 4 Policeman: which adds to the debate/discussion/information covered in this document

Arthur Cristian
Love For Life


27th December 2008 11.45pm

Hi Gaye
It appears the creator loves you, that you are popular and wishes for you to learn from those who include you in such small private email groups. You are not registered to the Love For Life mailing list, so please do not keep blaming us when you find yourself engaged in these private groups. Instead start looking at any one of those listed below in these cc lists because it is they who have included you in such an important discussion with us and it is they, as they correspond with each other, that has your email address going backwards and forwards across cyber-space.

Its obvious we have become important enough in the hearts of many that almost everyone wants our ear, our input.

Did you know regardless of denomination or stance that not one priest, bishop, archbishop, historian, theologian, layman expert etc, anywhere, no matter what, can fault our work, confirming the fact that we are fulfilling all biblical self-fulfilling prophecies dreamt by others without any fanfare. That's what Arthur was told twice by the Living God would happen over time without any preparation or training or initiations or inclusion or exclusions to anyone or anything anywhere on Earth. And yet Arthur does not see himself as anyone important enough to stand out, in fact he prefers to just blend in with others and be a team-player working together re-creating heaven on earth. All we do is share all the information we feel after it has been filtered through what we call heartfelt-logic (inspired feelings - not emotions).

The heartfelt information is not claimed by us either because we have to read it over and over and over again as well so that we can learn from truth and act (respond) accordingly. Following truth can be for some a most painful process because it demands the letting go of fiction in all its forms and with it goes all the security we have been accustomed to which keeps us sedated and bound to the beast of hell.

The breaking of the husk to reveal the seed of mans true nature is one of releasing all the garbage like peeling an onion, peeling away layer upon layer of mind-control bullshit which brings up all the fears "what about insurance, who will protect us if we let go of our limited liabilities", "what about our security if we turn over everything we own to a community (Kindom), what happens to us if we are being tricked and ripped off, exposing us to losing everything we have worked so very hard to own, who will take care of us then if we lose all our security" etc, etc, etc, etc.

Determined to follow truth, to go wherever truth takes us without wasting anytime on arguing for whatever we believe and have faith in, just for the sake of owning them, which is the true cause of all arrogance, ignorance and fear (the axis of evil ways causing chaos), forces us to face the most loneliest of walks across the bottomless abyss of hell where the beast of fiction resides. A most ferocious uncompromising beast ready and willing to take any of us who falls for the doom and gloom arising out of each and every feeling, thought, word and deed we claim ownership over.

With no one there to hold our hands, no firm ground providing security with each step we take across the bottomless abyss, with just the love of the creator who inspires us to walk away from the beast of hell, with the determination to serve others for the rest of our lives as conscious-living MAN, only then such a new dawning of KINDOM will arise and all the creatures of creation will sing and rejoice the returning of MAN who provides them with their true purpose for creation as team-players co-creating creation with MAN.

This Is The True Rapture Every Christian Is Waiting For - This Is The Heartfelt Inspired Work Of The Living God Inspiring Arthur To Keep Doing What He Does Day After Day Without Respite.

We all have to sacrifice everything we hold on to if we really are committed/determined to re-create Kindom on Earth, returning back to the love of the creator and placing love in its rightful place as king of all.

We are unwilling to deny the love of the creator who loves us all. If information directed by the creator (heartfelt feelings) is to be repeated over and over and over again, day-after-day then so be it. Who are we to judge the will of the creator. We are not attached to how we perceive anyone should feel or think about us. We do not contrive any outcome. The truth is not privy to anyone anywhere. There is no exclusivity or privileges that come endowed with truth. A man who lives amongst garbage bins in a back alley has just as much access to truth as the pope. Its whether they have a heart to feel and a compassion to love the creator with the determination to go wherever the truth may take them and create (fulfill) its calling.

Our hearts tell us that we (our self-centeredness) is not important but the acts of love created by us through our work, inspired by the Living God is what's important, so we never compromise such heartfelt-inspired love. With Arthur he could easily put his feet up in a hammock and read a novel, or be down the beach or be climbing a mountain or be socialising or partying with family and friends or working a full-time job so the family (particularly the children) have everything they need etc etc, but no, the calling of the creator is such that Arthur spends nearly all of his waking-time on the internet sharing the heartfelt inspirations as they arise. There is no traditional large family gathering Christmases with us because our families live overseas or interstate.

We quietly suffer for this commitment regardless of the pain that arises in all its forms. The suffering will end only when others have learnt to love again. It is not our fault that we suffer, it is the fault of billions who have forgotten to love creation preferring to be kept busy and distracted self-indulging in their self-centered interests. When others re-learn to love again they become the wings that carry the Cristian family to Kindom, then our suffering will end.

If Arthur does not do this work who will do this most important work for the creator????

Who is listening to the creator?????

Who is standing up for the creator these days????

Who is willing to put the work in (the time) to assist in waking up the lost sheeple to return home to rejoin the creator as conscious-living team players co-creating creation with the creator?????

Remember, the present state of chaos we all find ourselves in today was brought about by billions of faithful believing Christians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, New Agers, Personal Success Motivators, High-Powered Businessmen and Executives, Investors, Speculators, Ufologist, Scientists, Educators, Historians, Theologians, Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Barristers, Cosmic Channellers from supposed other worlds/dimensions and Buddhists etc, etc, so its plainly obvious for all to see that these billions of faithful believers in their particular lines of interest are overall, generally lost to truth, otherwise we would not all be facing a dying planet full of sick men, women and children.

It is our obsession with our self-centered interests that is killing/destroying creation left, right and center, above and below, within and without.

What comes to us as information (inspired feelings) from the living God is not for us to have (to keep), it is released (directed by the living God through such inspired feelings) to those who have a heart to feel, have an ear to hear, have an eye to see, have a nose to smell, have a finger to touch, have a tongue to taste and who seek (are determined) to go wherever truth takes them without arguing for any belief or faith (conditions attached) one may have and are willing to roll their sleeves up and do the dirty work of fixing a dying world full of dying men, women and children.

We are no ones sheep nor shepherd.

And the meek shall inherit the earth.

Conscious Love Always
Arthur and Fiona Cristian
Love For Life


27th December 2008 6.15pm

Carmans wrote:

Please, Please...
I have asked many times to be taken off your email list.. and for ages I haven't had anything and now this again... I cant find how to block you so I am once again getting very angry... but you have also given every person here the names and email addresses of all these people below.. I have received so many emails from people who I haven't a clue who they are...



27th December 2008 3.00pm

This is essential reading for anyone determined to awaken to true freedom.
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life


"The Crown" is the Copy-Right (The Right Of Copy) Holder who oversees its business interests as in COMMERCE.

"The Crown" established Admiralty Law to oversee "The Crowns" commercial interests of renting its copy-right holdings for a fee (interest rate). Interest being the interest "The Crown" has in every person who conducts commerce within the fictitious world invented-out-of-thin-air by "The Crown".

In conducting commerce, the person is paying a fee (a royalty to "The Crown") for renting (participating) in this fictitious world we all call "The Western World Civilisation".

The Western World Civilisation is built (constructed) out of commerce. Without commerce it would not exist.

The Western World Civilisation is owned by "The Crown" who is the copy-right holder/inventor of this fictitious world invented-out-of-thin-air.

"The Crown" invented a fictitious world (a shadow of the real one) based on commerce, invented a "person" for each child created via birth certificate and without full-disclosure becomes an active "agent-in-commerce" (person) otherwise known as "The Strawman" conducting business (commerce) in the Western World Civilisation. Each person is a vessel sailing on the seas of commerce under-the-standing/jurisdiction of "The Crowns" Admiralty Law.

The biblical flood of Noah blanketed the world and Admiralty Law has been with us ever since, so they "The Agents Of The Crown Believe". Thus Admiralty Law oversees the internationalised world of commerce witnessed as the spreading of The Western World Civilisation globally, now also known as The New World Order (one world/universe of commerce conducting business without borders or boundaries) with "The Crown" overlooking its global business interest (renting of its copy-right) with one world law (Admiralty Law), one world government (Admiralty Law), one world language (English - The New World Language), one world religion (humanism focused on commerce), one world education (university -The Crowns UNIVERSE of commerce we were/are all trained to enter into), one world currency/cash-less economy/a global micro-chipped population (renters of "The Crowns copy-right).


"The Crown" opened a door into its fictitious world of commerce inviting all children to enter through (birthed as vessels on the high seas of commerce), without ever realising they were all willingly entering into SATAN'S world, bound under copy-right control, overseen by "The Crowns" Admiralty Law.

Compliments of "The Crowns" brainwashing education (it controls all universities and almost all schools and studies that exist in the Western World Civilisation) all adults are persons today, all coming from the same stock of children you and I came from.

Some of the brainwashed children become "authorised" agents (3rd parties) of "The Crown", administering the commercial business affairs (interests) of "The Crown" as in lawyers, barristers, judges, politicians, banksters etc etc, everyone propping up The Western World Civilisation with its internationalised commerce, be it educator, scientist, academic, historian, professor, doctor, journalist, economist etc etc hundreds of 3rd party titles acting as "agents in commerce".

All agents of "The Crown' are acting as 3rd party administrators of "The Crown" and they all look up to "The Crown" as their King/Queen/Emperor/Caesar/God/Pharaoh/Moloch/Baal/Lucifer/Ahriman/Satan etc.

Keeping in mind that "The Crown" is the head of the tiny select few who could read and write alphabet languages going back 10,0000 years, they were the ONLY ones who recorded ALL his-story in any read and write alphabet language. No one else could. 99.99% of the total global population (999,900 per one million - the % could be even higher) could not read or write any alphabet language until after 1780, with the majority still unable to do so until up around 1930 or later. I am talking about your ancestors, my ancestors and the ancestors of todays population of 6.5 billion. They all had nothing to do with recording any his-story. Only the owners of the Castles, The Land Lords, The High Priest-Hoods, The Royal Families, The Aristocrats and all their lackeys could read and write any alphabet language which took the better part of 20 years to master. You had to be privileged (exclusivity) to learn and master any read or write alphabet language.

Through gradualism "The Crown" enforced their education (brainwashed their cleverly crafted Western World version of reality - remember the victors always write their history biasedly) upon their serfs, commoners, goy, slaves, renters. It was an established policy put in place during the 1600's and executed during the mid/late 1700's. "The Crown" (The Establishment - the tiny tiny tiny select few less than .01% of the total global population - less than 100 per one million) cleverly used their recorded ancient bibles, ancient scripture, ancient his-story etc etc to CON the serfs into willingly accept a person (their person) conducting business in "The Crowns" world of commerce.

How else could they have pulled this CON off???????

We were all led to believe everything about our Western World History in such a way that we would willingly accept "commerce" to creep in through the back-door unchecked and be part of our every-day lives as "The Norms". I call this vey very very very clever mind-control tactic "The James Bond Syndrome" also known as SOPHISTRY. Learn from an example here: THE WAY by Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 9th August 2008

"The establishment ensures we are fed a cocktail of truth and lies. The Bible, for example, contains truths that many of us recognise, leading us to assume that everything in the Bible is true. This is a fatal mistake as the lies intermingled with the truths are what cause the destruction of creation and what create the enclosures that trap us. We call this the James Bond Syndrome; you want James inside the targeted compound to do his job of destroying it but you got to get him past the high security gates, so you hide James in the boot of the car to get him inside. Once in, you release him to wreck the joint. That is what lies mixed in with truths will do to anyone believing in the establishment knowledge “on offer”. Truth does no harm while “the lies” (James Bond) cause all the damage."

Cut and pasted from here: Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office Part Two - Today, A Standoff Between Us & 4 Sheriff Officers & 4 Policeman:

"What most of us don't realise is that sheriff's, policemen and women etc are agents employed by private corporations, the corporations of the "The Crown", the Commonwealth Of Australia, NSW State Government, etc and that, in their capacity as agents (3rd parties) they are dead corpses looking for other dead corpse agents, our strawmen. When we act as agents in commerce communicating with other agents in commerce, we are all acting out our roles in the fairytale of fiction-fantasyland (the civilisation of commerce) governed by Admiralty Law which has nothing to do with the flesh and blood men and women with spirit embodied that we all are. As dead corpses all agents do not see flesh and blood men and women with spirit embodied, instead they only see the policies of the private corporations they represent and act accordingly to the policies. They are trained to ignore flesh and blood men and women with spirit embodied which means that a) they do not operate under Common Law, and b) they seek to contract with our agents in commerce to enforce policy.

Most police officers enter the force with the intent to do good - they wish to provide protection from those who would do harm. However, they are unaware that they are being harmed and used by those at the top of the pyramids they are part of. Far from offering protection to men, women and children, they are trained and employed to enforce policies that have nothing to do with protection or freedom. The corporations are now on a higher standing than flesh and blood men and women with spirit embodied, as shown by the fact that Admiralty Law is now in operation while common law has been discontinued."

And more from the same above posting:

Arthur walked over to join the discussion between the policewomen and detectives and the detective with white shirt and hair passionately told Arthur to go away waving his hands as if Arthur was of a lower standing than him. Arthur said that he sought to Do No Harm, was not carrying any weapon such as a gun, was not representing a threat, and was not under-his-standing, being a free man standing on the creator's land, roads and highways and that the policeman had no jurisdiction over Arthur. He immediately backed off. Arthur kept trying to take a photo of his face, circling him for a shot, but he kept putting up his hand or a piece of paper. He was very conscious of not having his photo taken. Arthur finally got one.

We have no evidence in saying this and its just speculation but Arthur felt that he might be a high level Freemason, operating in this Southern Highland region as detective, but secretly working for the masonic cabal that manages the internationalised world of commerce (Admiralty Law) better known as the "legalised" (corporatised) New World Order. In this role he has the "legal" authority to act on behalf of "The Crown", not the flesh and blood women with spirit embodied known as The Queen as in Queen Elizabeth The Second, but the registered private corporation with UCC (Unified Commercial Code) in Washington.

Corporations tied to corporations, persons tied to persons, without borders or boundaries, form a highly intricate internationalised web of connected Freemasonic men and women who are the cogs in the Global, National and Domestic networks of "The Crown". Thus, when a detective needs to talk to the SDRO, he has his connections and can get through fast, unlike the rest of us who have to listen to endless recorded information and receive letters that are anonymous because the vowels are removed from the writers names so it is impossible to identify them. Members of this masonic cabal, both men and women sit in "official" positions under the 3rd party (corporate-person) tiles of lawyer, barrister, magistrate, judge, senator, minister, executive, treasurer, detective, chairman, bureaucrat, public servant, governor, director, minister, priest, academic, professor, doctor etc etc, hundreds of 3rd party titles. And thus "The Crown", centered in a tiny 1km square piece of land known as "The City Of London" within greater London city, oversees its "Legalised", "Corporatised" (persons - masonic-soldiers) New World Order agenda like a General overlooking the (global) battle from a high hill.

And more from the same posting:

Arthur asked one of the detectives if he was a Policy Enforcer or a Peace Officer, to which the detective replied, "Probably a bit of both." The sheriffs were asked same question at different times and their response was similar to the detective. Its important to note that "Policy" has nothing to do with common law and all to do with Admiralty Law (The Internationalised Law Of Commerce) meaning "PRIVATE CORPORATIONS". The detective with sunglasses, the policewomen and 4 sheriffs found it difficult to stomach when we explained that the "Commonwealth Of Australia", "NSW State Govt", NSW Supreme Court, High Court Of Australia and ALL other Federal, State and Local Government departments (no matter what) are now privately registered corporations with both ACN and ABN numbers.

The point we tried to get across to them is that common law has been thrown out the window and almost all men, woman and children walking on Gondwanaland today are under admiralty law without equal rights as provided by the creator. We are under-the-standing of private corporations being ruthlessly governed by private corporations via legalised statutes, acts and bills, no longer seen as conscious-living flesh and blood men, women and children with spirit embodied. Instead we are seen as dead corpses (private corporations/persons) to be traded on the international commerce markets as commodities created by the registration of our birth with our birth certificates being our bonds.

We can use these bonds ourselves when we learn how. For example, as our signatures create money from those bonds, we, as the primary creditor of our bonds, can use our signatures to settle any matters arising. As the driver of an unregistered car, we are not operating in the limited liability fiction world that is commerce; instead we are taking full responsibility for our actions, acting with full liability. Only a person can have limited liability insurance from an insurance corporation and, as a person, we allow the insurance corporation to create money from our bond, instead of doing it ourselves as flesh and blood men and women with spirit embodied. There are administrative processes to take control of your person as primary creditor, taking it out of the hands of the government which is acting as your person's agent.

When we lived in tribes in the real world, any problems were sorted out by the community as a whole meaning that no one was left isolated and harmed. In the world of corporate fiction, we are encouraged to feel separated and in need of the limited liability provided for our person by the Establishment for "protection".

And more from the same posting:

And before we forget, we also explained to the detectives (and to the sheriff's earlier) the importance of our signatures and how they are what creates "money" as , without our signatures on contracts, "money" (fiat) is not released to the banks. Hence the "stamped and accepted for value" method of payment is given value by our signature. Thinking about it, a good tactic would have been to say that we would be happy to pay the amount allegedly owing if anyone could prove that the account had not already been settled by a valid banking instrument. Our signatures creates the money for our agent in commerce (the person/strawman FIONA CRISTIAN - ARTHUR CRISTIAN etc). Fiona, as the principal and primary creditor over her agent in commerce, has the creative power to both create credit (money - digits on a computer screen) and extinguish such credit.

And more from the same posting:

Before all nine got into their cars and tow truck and chuffed off both detectives and policewomen warned us that we would be stopped if we continued to drive unregistered cars on the roads. They alluded to the Roads and traffic Act 1999. Detective with glasses said they could arrest us under some special type of policy (we can't remember exactly what he implied). We never got around to explaining to them that all acts/policies etc relate to PERSON/S and not to Free man/Free woman. We could have showed them the meanings in law of Person and asked, do we look like a Person".

[Person: In general usage, a human being (ie natural person – itself an oxymoron), though by statute term may include a firm, labour organisations, partnerships, associations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, or receivers. National Labour Relations Act, S 2(1), Black’s 5th Ed P595 - Undersigned: The: The person whose name is signed or the persons whose names are signed at the end of a document; the subscriber or subscriber. Black’s 5th Ed P 793]

So they say we got off on a technicality – or did they find a way to weasel out of a tricky situation?

And more from the same posting:


If you and I agree to work in each others gardens for two days and you come and work in mine but I don't do anything in yours, you have a right to feel aggrieved and come to me seeking some sort of settlement of the matter. This is Common Law, exchanging substance for substance, such as exchanging a box of apples for a box of oranges, value for value, substance for substance.

In Admiralty Law, however, which is the fictitious world of commerce made up of our fairytale "agents of commerce" strawmen (invented out-of-thin-air by the registration of a birth certificate), there is no substance. All statutes and acts relate to our strawmen (a person) and the world of commerce needs our strawmen to exist and survive. The world of commerce is of the real-true matrix, the invisible world of fiction-fantasyland. Please read this article "The Way": by Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 9th August 2008: as it explains about copyright (the right of copy) and how the lost sheeple (the fictitious person/s) pays a fee to the copyright holder for renting the idea of money (amongst thousands of other con-structs) invented out-of-thin-air by the copyright holder.

Our signatures (the person's signature) give fictitious life to the fiction, creating the "money" we use. Without our signatures on the mortgage contracts and the credit card contracts, the banks are unable to "create" those digits in our bank accounts. Unlike the real world, where we can pick up, smell and taste the oranges and apples, we can never hold anything of substance that is "money".

Before 1933, there was supposed to be gold and silver in the banks to be the substance behind the notes and coins in circulation which are only "promises to pay" in gold and silver should that be necessary. In 1933, the Australian government went bankrupt, as did most other Western World countries between 1931 and 1935. The gold standard was removed (as was the gold from the banks), meaning that the notes and coins we use have nothing of value (substance including the fruits of our labour) to back them up, i.e. the "money" we use does not even have anything that is "worth" anything in fictional terms behind it.

Remember the plastic notes and coins have no actual "value". If something is dead as the result of destroying creation as in mountains, hills, valleys, trees, minerals, rivers etc etc to create it, how can it have value? Only substance has value because it provides life for MAN as in clean fresh unpolluted, non-toxic air, water, soil, plants, trees, fruits etc. What is dead is dead, is fiction and offers absolutely nothing of substance (value) to MAN as an equal exchange in substance (value).

When someone asked me how I paid the rent I said, "By pressing a few computer keys." Where is the substance being created here?

In Admiralty Law, there is no injured party, no one who can claim they have been hurt or injured. E.g. if you don't pay your parking fine, who can come forward as the injured party and claim they are the injured party? The Sheriffs say they represent "The State Government of NSW" and its fictitious "State Debt Recovery Office" part of the fictitious Treasury Of New South Wales". Can the State Government of NSW please come forward and make a claim as the injured party to back the claim (the fine)? Of course not because the State of NSW is not a flesh and blood man or woman with spirit (consciousness/substance) embodied who can claim to have been harmed. Same goes with any government department, agency, institution, private corporation or aristocratic family members (The Establishment) like Queen Elizabeth 2nd. Sheriffs have stated they represent the Queen (Oath Of Office) so we asked, "Is QE11 the injured party? Will she come forward and back the claim (the fine), take full responsibility for taking Fiona's car?" Of course not and no one else will either.

Yesterday, we had 4 sheriffs, 4 policemen and one tow truck driver, not to mention those they were talking to on their mobile phones (heads from their departments or higher up the chain of government control over the sheeple) and not one of them would take full-responsibility for taking possession of Fiona's car. No one would come forward to back the claim (the fine), no one would come forward with evidence of a contract between them and Fiona or with evidence of a title deed proving they had an interest in Fiona's car.

Also with Admiralty Law (The Law Of Commerce), the banks (and the government and the law who protect banks) claim to be offering something of substance (of value) that compares with our assets and the fruits of our labour when they aren't at all. All they provide is an idea invented-out-of-thin-air that they have copyrighted (the right of copy) and that they charge us a fee for using it. If we can't keep up with their nothing-money conditions of copyright, they get to take our assets and the fruits of our labour that do have substance! No lawyer, barrister, judge, politician, bankster etc will ever sign an affidavit stating that a) money exists, b) banks in the guise of money, credit, loan, debt, mortgage etc, offer substance (value) as an equal exchange in value with whomever. No one of the law or of government etc will ever come forward and back their claim (taking full responsibility) for their claim (repossession etc) under their personal full-commercial liability.

True Common Law in its purest form is LOVE (acts of love). Common Law (LOVE) has nothing to do with commerce or trade or barter or business or private corporations etc etc and all to do with acts of love set free to benefit everyone and everything of creation.

Cut and pasted from here:
THE WAY by Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 9th August 2008:

When we are conscious we do not need money because we give freely without conditions. So, if I give you some apples because I have plenty, and you give me some pears because you have plenty, we are not “trading” or “exchanging” because that implies conditions. I give you the apples whether you give me the pears or not, because I have plenty to share. You give me pears whether I give you apples or not because you have plenty to share. When we all give freely, we all have plenty. Take care of love and love takes care of everything else. There is no need for trade or commerce or money. They are all fictions.

To compromise true Common Law (LOVE), regardless of how tiny the fracture maybe, is to bring common law under the jurisdiction of "Admiralty Law". That is why John Wilson and almost all other freedom-truth campaigners today are continually being destroyed in all courts because they are bringing their persons into the courts of Admiralty Law where private corporation policies (of commerce) apply.

But if they went into these Western World courts (High Court - Federal Magistrates Court - Supreme Court - District Court etc etc) as FREE MAN (without a person to contract with) all Private Corporations disguised as Western World Courts are left completely powerless to contract with a conscious-living flesh and blood MAN/WOMAN with spirit embodied. This also applies with all other private corporations conducting business on the high-seas of Admiralty Law disguised as The Commonwealth Of Australia ("THE CROWN"), The New South Wales State Government ("THE CROWN") etc etc hundreds & hundreds of them.

Regardless of the CON to have us think differently, as serfs, commoners, slaves, goy, renters, convicts, (persons) etc, for 10,000 years, we have always been under the jurisdiction of Admiralty Law to this very day.

Democracy are the policies of Private Corporations maintaining law & order over the world of persons who are acting-agents conducting business/commerce in "The Crowns" Universe. Prior private corporations, we had religions/churches, popes, archbishops, priests, aristocrats, The Establishment etc overseeing the person's commerce.

The way forward out of all this madness is to love each other, meaning we serve each other, meaning we live our lives for the benefit of everyone else, our families, our tribes/villages/communities, our nature, our earth, our creation. This is how we step out from under the jurisdiction of Admiralty Law returning back to creation (KINDOMS) as co-creators of the creators Common-Law.

COMMON LAW is all about not being self-centered (not having a person - an agent in commerce to care for) while ADMIRALTY LAW is all about being SELF-CENTERED, taking care of the needs of our persons/agents in commerce 24/7.

COMMON LAW has us look out into creation while ADMIRALTY LAW has look within to our person.

COMMON LAW does not require belief or great leaps of blind faith while ADMIRALTY LAW does.

COMMON LAW is all about not owning anything, instead we are being caretakers and stewards of creation including our combined co-creations created with earth and nature.

You see a true FREE MAN is a MAN/WOMAN creating acts of love benefiting everyone and everything else out there as part of their co-creation as conscious-living team-players of creation.

Which leads me to say that...


This means that today's 6.5 billion+ population, bar a few tribes here and there, have to go back past 10,000 years of our recorded his-story (Admiralty Law) to remember when our ancestors last lived with common-law. For 10,000 years we and our ancestors were serfs, commoners, renters, goy, slaves (persons) under-the-standing/jurisdiction of The Establishment ("The Crown" -
King - Queen - President - Prime Minister - Governor - Duke - Count - Prince - Archbishop - Pope - Magistrate - Judge - Lawyer - Barrister - Senator - Bureaucrat - Public Servant - Emperor - Caesar - God - Pharaoh - Moloch - Baal - Lucifer - Ahriman - Isis - Ra - El - Horus - Zeus - Saturn - Satan etc etc).

For those who have not yet done so, please read the previous email reply/posting below to colour in more of this most important topic.

Its time to get on with co-creating KINDOM with each other to re-create the creators common law called LOVE.

Fiona and I are creating one here in the Southern Highlands outside Sydney. To learn all about our work and Kindom please read the articles posted here:

Also, I sent an email earlier this morning to Col, John and others which had over 40 photos covering this subject including "Who Creates The RBA Official Interest Rate". If you want a copy emailed, please advice by email and I will send it to a compiled list over the next 48/72 hours or so. Please be sure your mail box server is empty as this email carries a few megabytes, possibly 5mb

Conscious Love Always
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life


27th December 2008 7.12am

John Wilson wrote:

Dear Col,
The method the RBA use to set the market rate of interest is set out in their website.
Of course, a lawful contract can only have certainty of terms (including interest rates) and the interest rates set by the RBA, from time to time, cannot be imposed on an already existing and legitimate contract.
Yes....what is this "CROWN" entity? I've posed that question many times in various Courts ...and the Judges and Magistrates refuse to answer.
Quick & Garran say that "the Crown is the triple Crown of the United Kingdom"....and that was true, back then.
Nowadays, and for a long time, the Crown of the UK has had no executive power in the Commonwealth of Australia....which causes the "CROWN" to have no standing in Australian Courts.
Therefore, all these "R v ......." cases over the last 90 years have been illegal procedures.....again, "R" having no standing.
Yours sincerely,
John Wilson.


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Subject: Re: Constitutional renewal ?? HOW ? - And The Blind Continue Leading The Blind!!!!!!!!

G'day Arthur,
Please, for 5 minutes..... do you think you could lay off your heartfelt version of 'your creation rant' and come up with the proof the RBA sets "The Official Interest Rate".
Remember YOU demand "SOLID GOLD PROOF" of ones who you disagree with.
It is fitting you do the same.
As to your "who cares"....... well it would appear that 99.999999% of the sheeples do..They parrot the term all the time!!
PS. Brevity is a virtue.
PPS. Another good meaty one for you too... Who or what is this "CROWN" you refer to and how sure are you of the answer you will try and give??

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Sent: Friday, December 26, 2008 11:38 PM
Subject: Re: Constitutional renewal ?? HOW ? - And The Blind Continue Leading The Blind!!!!!!!!

Email sent: 25th December 2008 12.30am and now updated in response to Charles Mollison and all the esteemed gentlemen and women in this private email-network.

Now lets see if any of you can get yourselves out of this one because you will need to lie, continuing the ancient lie, to do so.
My reply is not very long.

Col stated:

G'day Ant,
The basis of my truth is the truth, NOT opinions. Apparently that is why the sheeples are entirely confused!!
My point is that not one of the sheeples have the sloggiest idea about the topic they are parroting/bleating about, so how on earth can they know what they are parroting/bleating about?!!!
Not one baa baa has come up with anything that even remotely proves or evidences the claim the RBA sets the "The Official Interest Rate".

Dear Col,
Its all about copy-right (the right of copy).

Who cares who sets the "official" interest rate.

What came first the chicken or the egg? In this case the copy-right came first then came the interest (the fees for renting the copy-right) then comes the who sets the "official" interest rate.

What does matter is who we are paying the fees to (including interest) for renting the copy-right!

And the answer..... "The Crown"

Both the government and those of the bar look to "The Crown" because "The Crown" acts as the copy-right holder and everyone contracted to the government and the bar act on behalf of "The Crown" as its administrators (3rd parties - agents in commerce), administering the affairs of the copy-right holder..... hence its all about conducting copy-right business on behalf of "The Crown" = COMMERCE = Admiralty Law.

This is what its all about Col!!!!!!

Oh, and to answer your question, ONLY "THE CROWN" can set the "official" interest rate because "The Crown is "The Official" because "The Crown" is the owner of the copy-right (the fairytale con-struct we call money or fiat or credit -or debt or loan or mortgage or promissory note or bill of exchange or legal tender or gold or coins or notes etc etc etc etc).

"The Crown" is the copy-right holder of fiat etc because "The Crown" is the inventor of said con-struct/s (ideas- intellectual property - intellectual proprietary knowledge "on offer").

Regardless who acts as "The Crown's" "official" agent in commerce in "The Commonwealth Of Australia" (another agent/province/state in commerce/private corporation) "The Crown" is King (Pharaoh/Emperor/President/Queen/SATAN) and oversees all its interests (interest rates - fees for renting its intellectual proprietary knowledge "on offer"/copy-right). I wrote much about this here: THE WAY by Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 9th August 2008:
and here: Recognising The Distinction Between Information That Is CREATION & Knowledge That Is FICTION Is Critical To Reclaiming Freedom by Arthur Cristian 13th July 2008:

There are two worlds/two paths to choose from, one is alive and true and the other is dead and false. The false path leads to destruction to creation while the other path does not. Remember, MAN is part of creation. The false path needs to destroy creation to form its physical/material images as its images do not exist as part of creation, instead they reside in fiction-fantasyland often referred to as "out-of-thin-air" where there is no substance (love) of creation. Now the factual evidence of the wrong path is apparent, we have all arrived together into a state of global chaos where almost everything of creation is being destroyed or is dying. There isn't much left that lives in its pristine original form as created perfectly by the creator.

When we choose the wrong path, we are carrying hand grenades with their pins pulled out, each explosion causing more chaos and destruction to creation. When we choose the right path, the hand grenades become flowers that invite the bees to taste their pollen and the birds come to sit on our shoulders.

The living world of creation has value, substance we can feel, see, hear, taste, touch and smell and use to co-create with one another. The dead world of copy-right, banking, interest rates, money-fiat-debt-credit, commerce, private corporations/government over MAN, and Admiralty Law has nothing to offer of any true value that we can work with. Why do we even want to keep it? How much more of creation should we destroy (mountains, hills, valleys, trees, rivers, ocean, sky, creatures etc) to keep propping up these false idols?

Charles Mollison wrote: NAB; $ 2354 Billion in Derivatives,$ 485 Billion Assets, and $28 Billion Equity.
Commonwealth; 1296 Billion in Derivatives, $401 Billion Assets, and $24 Billion Equity.
ANZ; $1219 Billion in Derivatives, $336 Billion Assets, and $20 Billion Equity.
Westpac; $1310 Billion in Derivatives, $300 Billion Assets, and $16 Billion Equity.

To which path do these figures belong?

Charles Mollison wrote: However, the real point is that the Banking system, the Fiscal system and the Monetary system are fatally flawed and WE need to agree on how best to fix those problems. When we reach agreement on how best to organise these systems; then perhaps we can work out how best to support each other to get them implemented!
I have attached the Banking Extract, Joe. Could you and your contacts find time over the next month to review this and let us know how it can be improved?


Improving how we destroy creation so it looks better, so we all come up smelling like roses even though we are still destroying it?

The wrong path is the continuation of everything going wrong. You see, its not money that causes destruction to creation nor do interest rates or bank fees or copy-right etc cause destruction either because they are fairytales. Fairytales do not exist. They are invisible. What causes destruction is us believing in them and in doing so worshiping them. Without our belief and worship in fairytales there would be no destruction to creation. The right path is all about acts of love (creating substance/value) where everything we do is to serve everyone else. On the right path we don't need the fairytales.

One path leads from the Living God of Creation where we co-create with the living-God as responsible team-players while the other path leads from the dead god of fiction-fantasyland where all false-idols are formed and enshrined with our worship of them.

In serving others (all of creation) without doing harm to creation, creation lives as our mirror.

Example: A MAN meets a beautiful happy peaceful sincere loving woman who agrees to co-create a relationship with him with no back door. Over time she starts getting treated very poorly by the MAN. Violence, ridicule, condemnation, abuse, fear etc etc are part of the package of Harm Doing until the woman is a wreck. The woman is now in the image of the MAN'S creation. What the MAN created comes bouncing back to the MAN in the image of the MAN'S creation. The woman is The Earth-Nature-Creation.

You create a salad, there it is - you paint a wall, there it is. Such is the power of the Living God's creation vested with MAN.

You see, MAN is the Living God created in the image of the Living God. Where responsibility resides is where true power of creation resides as well. Standing in a beautiful green pasture looking over the fence at another green pasture is passing-the-buck. Standing on earth looking for God on the other side of the fence (in heaven) is a lie, A GREAT BIG LIE. God is a living God and where the living resides is where the living God resides as well. The invisible (whatever is invented out of thin air - what is outside of our senses of creation sight, sound, touch, taste, feel, smell) is not part of the living, therefore is a lie.

We (MAN) live because creation lives for us.

Creation lives because we (MAN) live for creation.

The flower does not hold on to its nectar and pollen, the bee does not hold on to its stores, the cloud does not hold on to its rain, the river does not hold on to its water, the tree does not hold on to its oxygen and MAN does not hold on to anything either for to do so means death to conscious-living MAN. A MAN who falls from conscious-living creation is an unconscious-living man doing harm to creation.

The Living God does not own (claim) The Living MAN nor does The Living MAN claim (own) The Living God.

If we owned our last breath or drink or meal without letting go we die. What do you think happens to us (MAN) when we own information or feelings????? DEATH (FALLEN MAN).

The Living God Is The Living MAN just as The Living MAN is The Living God.

The Living God is the power (the consciousness - the information) of creation provided for free without a fee to Living MAN.

This power (energy) is love and love is The Living God.

The Living God bestowed The Living MAN the gift of co-creation. Love is God. Look at love as being a wave without beginning or end, without an outside or inside, without a past or a future, without departure, journey or destination, without reference point or boundary. Look at love as being the consciousness of the Living God which is the information of the Living God. Look at love being our heartfelt-real feelings which is the consciousness of the living God. Look at love being our thoughts imbued by our heartfelt real-feelings which is the consciousness of the Living God.

On the right path we are team-players co-creating creation with the Living God. On the wrong path we destroy our relationship with the living God who created us and we destroy creation co-created by MAN in partnership with the Living God. On the wrong path we are destroyed and destroying. Remember, it is love that created MAN and created Earth and created everything of creation. It is love that creates our relationship between each other, between MAN and MAN, so when we are on the wrong path we are destroying MAN (each other and our relationships with each other) and Earth (our relationship with earth) and destroying everything else we are in relationship with.

Each act of love MAN creates weaves the wave. Each act of love we create is a thread of love that weaves into the fabric of the wave of love we call creation. Though MAN cannot claim ownership of the wave (love) MAN is gifted with the freedom and free-will to access love unconditionally and co-create acts of love as team-players with love (The Living God). The Love we co-create with is The Living God and the Living God has revealed its true form out of the fabric of Love co-created by God and MAN.

Some of MAN (us) have been physically visited by the Living God in all its glory as I was, twice. The testament is found in the truth of my words inspired by the Living God. The Love we co-create with is the body (the essence) of the living God. The Living God has never abandoned us and never will. It is MAN falling from creation (as co-creating team-players) believing in and worshiping fairytales that abandons (rejects, ignores etc) the Living God (LOVE).

To claim is to cause separation (destruction), severing the links of conscious-living DNA by inserting artificial DNA (invisible con-structs invented/imagined out-of-thin-air like money, fiat, credit, interest, banks, government, rule-of-law etc etc, fairytales) in-between Living MAN and Lon-structs) are claims causing divide and rule (MAN falling from creation governed by policies, contracts, and all other fallen-man-made con-ditions/fairytales). We have written so much about all this as found amongst many of the articles posted here:

Belief in God as a separate being in a separate heaven is a lie because the living God is the energy of love, part cessible for all. Love is heaven. Love exists "only" here and now where your power of choice/free-will resides. Heaven exists "only" here and now co-created by the choices we make here and now that have us be on the right path. It's the breath you create here and now that counts, not the one in the past or in the future.

The consciousness of MAN is the consciousness of the Living God and the information of the Living God is that consciousness that we are co-creators and caretakers of. How else can we have full responsibility for our actions? How else can we be part of creation? How else can we be part of the Living God?

Creation is the mirror reflecting MANS acts of creation, whether they be ones of love or destruction. We all have the responsibility to see what we are creating. How painful this process can be for all of us determined to be on the path of truth. Looking at a man-made dead-mirror on a wall (banks, courts-of-law, commerce, economic figures, government/private corporation policies/statutes etc etc) is looking at ones own self-centeredness (lies - fairytales) but looking at the mirror of living-creation is looking at the living-truth.

Love Is Here And Now Where Living MAN Is, Where Living God Is.

United With Love MAN is co-creating God And God Is co-creating MAN.

The right path is all of us coming together to co-create Kindom, walking away from the wild-wild-wild-wild west.

Now its time to turn the lights out Col, Joe, Charles and others, put the fairytale down, let mummy sing you a lullaby and rock you to sleep.

You have just been guzumped and checked mate!!!!!!!

Oh, and before I forget, if you choose the wrong path, shortly, your real life will be taken away from you forever with no way back to reclaim it. There are no exceptions, even all believing Christians etc face the chopping block.

Arthur Cristian
Love For Life


Dear Joe et al
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you on this most important issue, Joe

The CEC figures you quoted are in full:

NAB; $ 2354 Billion in Derivatives,$ 485 Billion Assets, and $28 Billion Equity.

Commonwealth; 1296 Billion in Derivatives, $401 Billion Assets, and $24 Billion Equity.

ANZ; $1219 Billion in Derivatives, $336 Billion Assets, and $20 Billion Equity.

Westpac; $1310 Billion in Derivatives, $300 Billion Assets, and $16 Billion Equity.

I asked CEC if I could rely on these figures and if I could quote them. The answer was swift and unequivocal. “The figures are totally reliable and yes, I could quote them”.

I then contacted CEC again to ask for clarification of the terms used because my understanding of the term “equity” is that that is the figure arrived at when liabilities are subtracted from assets. I am still waiting for an answer..............

This is the problem we are up against. The difficulty of getting reliable information on which to base some action!

However, the real point is that the Banking system, the Fiscal system and the Monetary system are fatally flawed and WE need to agree on how best to fix those problems. When we reach agreement on how best to organise these systems; then perhaps we can work out how best to support each other to get them implemented!

I have attached the Banking Extract, Joe. Could you and your contacts find time over the next month to review this and let us know how it can be improved?

Look forward to hearing from you all.


Charles S Mollison
The Foundation for National Renewal
PO Box 82
Woombye, Qld, 4559
07 5442 1589



For those who want to learn more about the remedy we have on offer "KINDOM" please study our work here: Kindom offers the only remedy for fallen MAN to step out of fiction** back to creation. Kindom is not a concept or an idea that is copyrighted. There is no exclusivity or privilege with Kindom because Kindom is Creation.

** Fiction being everything to do with
commerce, admiralty law, agent-in-commerce/strawman, private corporations, statutes/acts, con-tracts, con-structs, unconsciousness, doing harm - Self-Centeredness etc.

Everything About Fiction Is Everything About SELF-CENTEREDNESS

The Remedy That Heals All MAN'S Woes Can Only Ever Be Found Where MAN Was Before MAN Fell From Creation - No Remedy Will Ever Be Found During The Time Of MANS Fall From Creation - This Means Recognising The Fiction In All Its Forms So That We Can Consciously Step Away From All Of It Otherwise We Continue Unconsciously Con-tracting With Fiction Maintaining A Present State Of Falling From Creation

A Freeman/Freewoman Is Free of SELF-CENTEREDNESS
It Is The Belief In Fiction That Causes MAN To Become Self-Centered
Which Is

Please read Arthur's post here: Removing Self-Centredness From The Bible Brings Us To The Truth by Arthur Cristian 21st December 2008:
which delivers
heartfelt-logic (insights) that shatter the myths about the self-centered needs for a promised saviour, messiah, prophet, Jesus coming back and simply explains that there is no separation between MAN and the Creator unless we fall into a state of self-centeredness which is the state of unconsciousness where all Harm-Doing is derived from.

[Its important to remove the self-centeredness (lies) out of all biblical writings to gain a closer glimpse into the truth. Both the creator of MAN and MAN the creator are not SELF-CENTERED. They are not separated. The flower does not hold on to its pollen and nectar, the bee does not hold on to its stores, the cloud does not hold on to its rain, the river does not hold on to its water, the tree does not hold on to its oxygen and the creator does not hold on to MAN as does MAN not hold on to the creator. Nothing of creation holds on to anything of creation (of its creation) for to do so means death (falling from creation).]

Arthur also posted a message-music song to the website called LIFE:

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